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Who is the Tea Party? Episode 2: Guns and abortions

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Who is the Tea Party? Guns and abortion

With Tea Party conservatives holding so much power in the House of Representatives, it’s important to remind ourselves of who the Tea Party really is.

One of the most beloved slogans of the Tea Party is “When they outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns“. The point being, of course, that nobody who is determined to commit a crime would ever obey gun laws. In the comments sections of Tea Party sites all over the web, you see people saying things like “I know people who will stop at nothing to steal what they want. If they want a gun, they’ll get one!”

The miraculous impotence of gun laws, however, does not extend to all laws. This is important to remember.  For example, if we pass laws against abortions, not only will no woman ever get an abortion, ever… but it will probably simply get people to stop having pre-marital sex entirely.

That’s just logic…. Tea Party logic, that is.


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