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Who is the Tea Party? Episode 3: Health Care and Obamacare

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Who is the Tea Party? Health Care and Obamacare

With Tea Party conservatives holding so much power in the House of Representatives, it’s important to remind ourselves of who the Tea Party really is.

The most important thing to “real conservatives” today is getting rid of Obamacare. Not only have the House Republicans voted to repeal it 40 times, but the right-wing talk show hosts–Sean Hannity, Mark Levine, Rush Limbaugh–are pulling no punches when talking about how this is our last chance to rid ourselves of this evil law. We must not only do everything possible to defund and annihilate Obamacare, but we must completely destroy any Republicans that stand in our way. On the radio, they are calling any Republicans who are not willing to completely burn down the country in order to repeal Obamacare “cowards”, “.

And all of the whipping-to-a-frenzy is having some effect. Marco Rubio came on Sean Hannity’s radio program specifically to talk about the fact that Tea Party Republicans should shut down the government unless Obamacare gets defunded, and oh by the way they should then blame the shut-down on Obama.

Of course, the fact that the Tea Party is opposed to a government solution to problems with private health insurance doesn’t stop them from blaming Obama for the high cost of private health insurance.

In fact, in the very same conversations where they complain that Obamacare will destroy civilization, Tea Partiers also loooove to proudly blame Obama for the high cost of private health insurance.

This is who the Tea Party is: The Tea Party is the one group of people who simultaneously is angry about both Obamacare and high private health insurance costs.

If you think there’s anything inconsistent about that, well that’s just your liberal bias!!


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