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More strange things Louisiana Republicans believe

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A new poll from Public Policy Polling showed that 29% of Louisiana Republicans blame Obama for the sluggish government response to Hurrricane Katrina, which devastated their state in 2005, just seven months into George W. Bush’s second four year term in office. Only 28% blame Bush.

bush and katrina

Here are 10 more of the most interesting highlights of the survey.

Among Louisiana Republicans:

29% say they personally know someone Obama turned gay

33% say the biggest threat to democracy is too many black people voting

45% believe Obama used performance enhancing drugs in recording his seven Tour de France wins

48% believe Obama shot the fictional character J.R. Ewing in a 1980 episode of ‘Dallas’

53% blame Obama for the 1986 Iran-Contra scandal

56% say Obama should never have invaded Iraq in the first place

64% blame Obama for Boston Red Sox’s epic late-season collapse in September, 2011

77% say they have used the phrase “because Obama” at the end of a sentence in an effort to justify why they no longer support a job or healthcare or infrastucture-related policy they once endorsed

85% believe Obama doctored Ted Cruz’s birth certificate to make it appear that his real name is Rafael and that he was born in Canada

97% blame Obama for the decision to cast Ben Affleck as Batman in the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel

For more on why Obama is to blame for the Katrina response read this report from Liberal Bias: http://thedailyedge.net/liberalbias/3350/why-obama-is-to-blame-for-the-katrina-response/


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