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Top 5 Things That Are Worse Than Healthcare.gov Glitches

Foxxi Love


The new Healthcare.gov website finally launched last week but it hasn’t been without it’s gitches and errors.  Many Americans are having difficulty applying for health insurance on the site, which is an obvious sign that the entire health care reform plan is a miserable failure.  The website rollout has been compared to Bush’s handling of Katrina and the Iraq War.  A website having server issues is comparable to bombing another country under false pretenses or leaving thousands of low-income black people stranded.  Basically the whole thing is being pegged as the worst thing to happen ever in the history of America.  I feel that this and other comparisons by politicians and pundits are a bit harsh so I’ve compiled a list of things that ARE actually worse than Healthcare.gov glitches:

Are healthcare.gov glitches worse than the Iraq invasion or Hurricane Katrina? Here's 5 things worse than the website glitches.

5. Wet Sock

I live in the Midwest, so this issue hits close to home especially with winter only a few weeks away. Nothing like trudging through a foot of snow to your front door, taking off your boots and stepping into a nice puddle of already melted snow on the floor.  I mean, it really puts a damper on your day.


4.  Getting Lemon Juice in a Hangnail/Papercut

I used to wait tables, and would often have to cut up lemons for beverages despite being horribly afflicted with a hangnail.  It stings, it stings so bad!

3.  Locking Yourself Out of Your House or Car

Don’t you just feel like a fucking idiot?  I mean, you can’t help but feel like a fucking idiot.


2.  Cell Phone Videos of Concerts

No cell phone can record quality audio at that high of a decibel level. I can’t even see what the band is doing because you’re 100 feet from the stage and you’re seeming to have an incredibly difficult time holding your phone in one place.


1.  Thanksgiving Dinner with Your Tea Party Uncle Who Has to Tell You What a Miserable Failure Obamacare Is Already


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