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Obamacare will destroy Americans’ privacy, warns Marsha Blackburn

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A prominent House Republican today issued dire warnings that Obamacare will greatly endanger American’s privacy in multiple and unseemly ways.

“It’s shocking,” said Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), “one of my constituents told me that he just went to see a doctor who asked him to strip down to his underwear and put on a robe. The doctor then gave him a thorough physical examination, even going so far as to draw a sample of blood from his arm. What is this? Nazi Germany?”


Upon being informed that all plans offered under Obamacare’s Marketplaces must offer free preventive medicine, including blood pressure and cholesterol screenings and a range of immunization vaccines, Blackburn appeared flustered.

“What about the children?” she said. “I’ve been told that several kids in my district have already been forced to sit in a chair while a friendly doctor examined their teeth very carefully, one by one. Some of them even saw a separate doctor to have their eyes checked too! What is this Nazi Germany?”

Upon being informed that all plans offered under Obamacare include free vision screening and oral health risk assessments for children, Blackburn grew indignant.

“What about the man who told me that a doctor just stuck a camera up his butt? Apparently Obama, wants to stick cameras up the butts of millions of men across the country. How do you explain that. This isn’t Nazi Germany!”

Apparently, Rep. Blackburn was referring to a colonoscopy, one of the colorectal cancer screening benefits now available to men over 50 free of charge under Obamacare.

FULL STORY: Challenged by CNN anchor, Marsha Blackburn is unable to substantiate her claim that HealthCare.gov will endanger Americans’ medical privacy: http://thinkprogress.org/health/2013/10/25/2836231/cnn-anchor-challenges-congresswoman-substantiate-obamacare-criticism-hilarity-ensues/

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  1. Gina says:

    In the old days, Blackburn would be blithering her nonsense in the nut hatch.

  2. Michael D. Barber says:

    Yeah. Republicans are ignorant assholes with no concept of preventive medicine. Just look at their teeth.

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