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An Insurance Cancellation Letter (Translated)

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Behind the CurtainDear Prescriber,

Due to the Affordable Care Act, we are being forced to actually insure you. You will no longer be given the FREEDOM to pay for an insurance plan that DOES NOT actually cover your medical costs. So, we are cancelling your previous junk policy and illegally “Bait-and-Switching” you into a plan that will insure you at a MUCH HIGHER cost.

Of course, you can take a whole day and battle the Federal “Forest Gump-ed” healthcare website to find a more affordable comparable plan, but thanks to us, your life is too short!

Any questions or concerns, please contact Fox News.


Your Medical/Healthcare Insurance Provider that made billions in profits by denying coverage 

*Please disregard if your Obama-Loving State Governor has successfully incorporated a state healthcare exchange, that will significantly lower healthcare costs and help millions of Americans.

Radical-Left Wing-Comedy Conspiracy found at: TPM


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