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Rick Perry claims victory for “freedom” as healthcare costs soar in Texas

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Rick Perry today hailed news that health insurance rates for middle-class Texans would soar 15% as a result of his decision not to expand Medicaid in Texas. “This is a victory for freedom,” he said. “And by freedom, I mean insurance companies.”

Many experts were horrified by Gov. Perry’s callous disregard for the people in his state: “I think it’s really disgusting that these states aren’t providing their poorest residents free insurance (financed) by the federal government,” MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, told The National Memo. “It’s pretty amazing they can get away with that.” Gruber was one of the architects of Romneycare, the highly successful, fiscally conservative healthcare plan in Massachusetts, and also Obamacare, the socialist plan that does exactly the same thing for the other 49 states.

“As a Christian,” added Perry, “I continue to reject Pope Francis’s liberal idea that healthcare is a basic human right. I still prefer to let poor people rely on miracles the way Jesus intended. If that means the middle-class get screwed, so be it.”

FULL STORY: http://www.nationalmemo.com/romneycareobamacare-architect-jonathan-gruber-blasts-disgusting-refusal-to-expand-medicaid/





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