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Steve Martin as Ted Cruz “Causing Americans Pain” for the Holidays.

Lipstick Liberal


Steve Martin playing Ted Cruz, a Tea-Party Republican  “Causing Americans Pain”, for the Holidays.

  • taking away women’s rights while supporting capital punishment.
  • Protecting the NRA from keeping people safe while protecting Americans from keeping healthy.
  • supporting budget cutting, defunding and filibustering that increases the deficit and joblessness.
  • speaking against equal rights for minorities, gays and anyone one thinks President Obama was actually born in the United States.

But hey, he’s a tea party senator, and a $2 Million dollar success!!!


When I was young and just a bad a little kid, my papa saw tea party things I did; shooting Mexicans with a BB gun, stealing kids lunches and when I was done? I’d find an ostrich and skin his head!

That’s when my papa said, be a tea-party senator, you like causing Americans pain! Be a Tea-Party Senator, people will pay you big bucks, just to be inhumane! I didn’t come to DC to make friends.

I’m a tea-party senator and I enjoy the job that I picked!  I’m a tea-party senator and I get off on the pain I can inflict!  

I thrill when I take away health care, even though its fiscally irresponsible. And though it may cause you distress. Somewhere, somewhere in a Conservative Values Summit, I know, I know, that my papa’s proud of me, oh papa!

I’m a Tea-Party Senator and a success!


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