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Paul Ryan’s NEW Path to Prosperity, “Welfare for Bankers”

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A study released on Wednesday reported that almost a third of the country’s half-million bank tellers rely on some form of public assistance for basic food, clothing and healthcare.

Paul Ryan defends this practice, “What is a poor multimillionaire CEO to do, when he cannot keep his yacht serviced AND pay his worker’s enough to live on?”

Banks needs to keep their Teller’s wages low enough, so that taxpayers will dole out nearly $900 million. Why make banks cut into their multi-billion dollar profits when Tea-Partier, Republican, Democrat and pot-smoking Libertarian Tax-Payers can foot the bill:

  • $105 million in food stamps
  • $250 million through the earned income tax credit
  • $534 million by way of Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program

Paul Ryan adds, “These bank entitlements are needed, because nothing grows private sector business like public sector subsidies”.

This Radical-Left-Wing-Comedy conspiracy found at: Washington Post

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