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GOP Rep. Trey Radel “fully recovered” following gentle slap on the wrist

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GOP Rep. Trey Radel says he won’t be resigning his seat in the House of Representatives despite his guilty plea after being arrested for buying cocaine from an undercover cop. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this experience,” he said. “It’s how lucky I am that I’m white. I read this one article about the 3,000 people serving life without parole for non-violent crimes and it was astonishing to find out how in some states, those prisoners are more than 90% black.


“During my time in rehab,” Radel continued, “I realized that God made me white for a reason. He knew I would learn my lesson from one gentle slap on the wrist. And now I will return to Congress to do the Lord’s work, cutting Food Stamps for the poor, ending unemployment benefits for struggling families and, above all, continuing my crusade to ensure all the takers in our society who need government support are drug-tested before they can take advantage of honest tax-paying citizens like me.”

When asked if he himself would be willing to take a drug test before collecting his next paycheck, Radel abruptly ended the interview.

Full story: http://swampland.time.com/2013/12/19/rep-trey-radel-gets-out-of-rehab-says-he-wont-resign/

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