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GOP: “If you love our budget plan, then you’ll love flying on airplanes this Christmas!

Liberal Bias


If you’ve ever wondered why airline companies are such an amazing success, with such a high favorability rating, wonder no longer: it is because they are following Conservative Ideals.

Airlines know that the single most important factor in success is cutting: cutting services, cutting spending, cutting unnecessary luxuries. And for the last decade or so, they have successfully been enacting truly conservative – even Tea-Party – policies. Everyone has noticed, of course, that meals and snacks have been disappearing, and money is even being charged on some airlines for things like blankets and headphones.

But the most noticeable cutting, of course, has been in seat space.

Over the last two decades, the space between seats — hardly roomy before — has fallen about 10 percent, from 34 inches to somewhere between 30 and 32 inches. Today, some airlines are pushing it even further, leaving only a knee-crunching 28 inches.

To gain a little more space, airlines are turning to a new generation of seats that use lighter materials and less padding, moving the magazine pocket above the tray table and even reducing or eliminating the recline in seats. Some are even reducing the number of galleys and bathrooms.

Southwest, the nation’s largest domestic carrier, is installing seats with less cushion and thinner materials — a svelte model known in the business as “slim-line.” It also is reducing the maximum recline to two inches from three. (emphasis added)

Some people – usually spoiled liberals – have complained about seat space in planes. But let’s face it, all that the airlines are doing really is implementing the “Connie Mack Penny Plan” for seat space : reduce the amount of room people have by 1% every year, and you can keep the complaining to a minimum while padding your pockets.

Of course none of this applies to First Class seating. That would just be ridiculous. Those are the “job creator seats”.
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  1. c37205 says:

    Hey, I’m counting myself lucky that the airlines aren’t going to allow talking on cell phones while in flight – yet. Someone recently suggested that they’ll install a “cell phone” area on planes intended for the wireless yakkers, but I’ll believe it when I see them. I doubt they’ll want to give up the space for chatters – unless they charge user fees. The seating arrangements and extra charges are bad enough without the shrinkage currently in play. Shame on them and those pesky liberals. 😉

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