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PALIN TO OBAMA: In honor of MLK day, can you just stop being black?

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Sarah Palin has some advice for President Barack Obama. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day, President Obama needs to “not play the race card”.

Sarah Palin did not say anything about what that would actually mean. However, luckily we can figure it out from the previous times when she has talked about the “race card”.  Sarah Palin calls it “playing the race card” whenever:

1) Someone points out that a Tea Partier is carrying a racist sign about Obama

2) Someone points out when a Tea Partier uses language like “lynching” or “boy” in reference to Obama

3) Someone points out the number of Tea Partiers who use phrases like “put the ‘white’ back in the White House”

4) Someone points out that plenty of presidents have done plenty of things that were uncontroversial in the past (e.g. raising the debt limit, making recess appointments, signing executive orders), but now that the president happens to be black, Tea Partiers consider it tyranny and a betrayal of everything that America represents.


All of these things, for Sarah Palin, are “playing the race card”.

So obviously the real fault lies with Obama for being black. If Obama were not black, then the Tea Party would not do all of these racist things that end up making people say, “Hey…. you’re being really racist!”

The easiest way – maybe the only way – for President Obama to “stop playing the race card”, then, is obviously to just stop being black.

Really, it’s the only considerate thing to do.

Original story: Palin To Obama: Honor MLK By Not Playing The ‘Race Card’

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  1. Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed. says:

    [The content of this comment has been hidden because it used the word “negro” in a non-ironic, non-historical, non-indirect-attributional way FIVE TIMES in three paragraphs. I mean come on, dude… It’s 2014, for crying out loud.]

  2. Delta Communications says:

    The young Skinheads from yesterday’s Aryan Nations has grown up to become the Tea Party of today. Same rhetoric exactly