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About WinkProgress

Welcome to The WinkProgress Network.

We are an informal collective of liberally-leaning, humor-focused political content creators on the internet.

The collective began in 2013, when the four founding members—Tea Party Cat, The Daily Edge, Liberal Bias, and The Lipstick Liberal—formed an alliance based on a common purpose: to use smart and incisive humor to both entertain and educate people about current news and politics, and promote a liberal political agenda. Each of us had our own style, approach, and favorite topics; however, we also had a common vision: using social media and a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek approach to political issues to reach the hearts and minds of progressives and independent thinkers interested in politics and social issues.

In June 20013 we launched our website, WinkProgress.com, as a unified portal where people can come to find content from a variety of sources that shares this unified style and purpose: using humor to educate and promote the progressive agenda.

To find out more about our founding members, and the other contributors to The WinkProgress Network, check out the Winkprogress Network Page.

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Thanks for visiting, and we hope that you enjoy our website!

—The WinkProgress Team